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    How You Can Get the Ryan Gosling Haircut & Style

    von Sal Essa


    Some ladies go La La La when they see the man. Grown men give him wolf whistles. It must be so hard to look that funkin' awesome. Ryan Gosling, the recent star of hit titles like La La Land, Driver & The Place Beyond The Pines has a killer sharp look, whenever you see his chiseled face.

    His hairstyle is a classic side part, that looks natural and is often complimented with a light brown beard. What Gosling does effortlessly is matching the hairstyle with the outfit. You'll only ever see him in a sharp suit with a tie or dress shirt. If you're going for a smart hairstyle, you can never be overdressed, as they say.

    Go hard or go home Funky Fellas. Here's how you can look La La La any day of the week.

    The Cut

    This will suit just about any fella. Ask your barber to leave some texture on the top and a medium length to go across.

    For a more modern look, go short back and sides. To go for a more classical style like Gosling, leave a little more on the sides, which will allow you to comb them back.

    The Style

    This style is best achieved after a shower, with towel dry hair. Grab our award-winning NO GUNK Styling Funk. Apply only a little (we mean it!) into your hands and start from the back and work it in to the front, from root to tip. Then, part it with your fingers or a comb, and choose the parting point where your hair naturally changes direction. It should fall naturally into place. The result: A textured, natural look and a little shine so you stand out from the crowd.

    Whatever is left rub it on your beard or rub your hands together to stay hydrated during the winter. Oh so naturelle.

    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


    Sal Essa is the Chief Funky Fella & Founder of No Gunk. Fluent in French & Spanish, during his spare time he enjoys travelling, improving his Mandarin & learning from great entrepreneurs and brands.

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