How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From The Batman. Credit: Variety.

    How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From The Batman. Credit: Variety.

    How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From Batman

    von Zheelana Cottam


    Robert Pattinson is a highly versatile English actor and musician who has starred in independent and big budget films throughout his career. As you Potterheads may know, Pattinson started out his career as Cedric Diggory in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2015) where he supported actors such as Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson. He then went on to play one of the most controversial vampires in the entire film industry, Edward Cullen, in The Twilight franchise (2008-2012) which gained him worldwide recognition and earned him around $25 million per movie. These days the actor's net worth is around $100 million.  

    Pattinson then went on to star in romantic dramas such as Remember Me (2010) and Water for Elephants (2011) where he had a chance to play some deeply troubled characters and star alongside Hollywood legends such as Pierce Brosnan (Mama Mia, James Bond) and Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Walk the Line). Recently Pattinson has found himself acting in some darker films such as Robert Eggers’ psychological horror film, The Lighthouse (2019) where he plays a lighthouse keeper that is slowly descending into madness. He also starred in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller Tenet (2020) impressing audiences with his acting range. 

    It’s hardly surprising that fans are tingling with excitement about his latest role in the latest take on The Batman (coming out in March 2022!). It will be interesting to see how Pattinson presents his version of the caped crusader compared to his predecessors. From the snippets we have seen it will be something along the lines of extraordinary fighting style, great chemistry with his co-star, Zoe Kravitz, and a brand-new hairstyle. Christian Bale would be proud. 

    So, we have put together a style guide on Robert Pattinson's newest Batman haircut and how you can recreate it. Let’s get into it! 


    How To Do The Batman Haircut:


    How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From Batman

    Credit: Comic Book News. 


    It’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson has brought his own unique twist to the DC character Bruce Wayne. This is a great hairstyle for you fellas that like to keep things longer in the front and shorter in the back. It’s a haircut that can be worn as is (below, Hairstyle 1) or pushed back off the face and slicked back (below, Hairstyle 2). The good thing is the haircut for both these styles are the same. It’s when you add the products that the magic happens, and you get these two completely different looks. 


    How To Cut: 

    For the back you’re going to want to scissor cut the hair around an inch and a half starting at the base of the neck and tapering up towards the top of the head. You want the sides to have quite a bit of length, so it stops just past the tip of the ear. Ask your barber to put in some layers here to take out some of the weight. For the top hair you’re going to want to keep things long and cut the hair at around seven inches (it should reach the tip of your nose when brushed forward). This is because the hair needs to come from the very top of the head and sweep down to the tip of the ear.


    Tip: If you have very thick hair you may notice your hair looks a little like a mushroom with this cut. Don’t worry. It’s an easy fix. Just ask your barber to thin out your hair with their thinning shears and you’re all set. This technique will reduce that weight and give your hair a nice texture. 

    Hairstyle1: Long fringe and side parting 


    How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From Batman

    Credit: DC films.


    How To Style:

    • You’ll want to start with damp, towel dried hair. 
    • Now you will need some hair wax to help with shine and texture. Scoop up a small amount of our Styling Funk and warm the product up between your fingertips. Then apply product throughout the entirety of the hair from root to tip, starting at the back and moving towards the front of the head. 
    • Next you will need a hairdryer and brush. With the dryer on a medium heat blow dry your hair downwards to minimise any volume. At the same time use your brush to move your hair into the desired style and make sure to put in that side parting. 


    This hairstyle is great if you like lots of movement in your hair and it actually requires very little product when it comes to styling. Perfect if you're a man who is contantly on the go. The end result should be a slightly shiny, lived in look.


    Hairstyle 2: Slicked back 


    How To Get The Robert Pattinson Haircut From Batman

    Credit: Shutterstock.


    How To Style: 

    • To style, start with clean and slightly damp hair. You don’t want your hair dripping. To get that shiny wet finish get a small amount of hair wax, we suggest our NO GUNK Styling Funk, and apply it to your hair from back to front and root to tip.
    • Grab your hairdryer and trusty comb. Aim your hairdryer so your hair dries straight back. At the same time you want to comb your hair from front to back. Once your hair is dry, quickly blast it with some cold air to help it keep its position.
    • For that extra firm hold use a small amount of our Matte Styling Clay and apply it to the hair in the same way as the previous style. Now to finish, slick your hair back using the comb to help create those textured fine lines in your hair.


    Zheelana Cottam
    Zheelana Cottam


    Zheelana is a writer based in Cardiff. She has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and is a certified TESOL teacher. When she isn’t out hiking in the lush Welsh countryside, she fills her days with reading, journaling, and going out for food.

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